Pre-Approved Paint Schemes

Pre-Approved Paint Schemes

Owners often contact the CRCA management office with questions about what color selection options they have when painting the exterior of their home.  Owners who wish to repaint their home the same color that it currently is, are not required to submit anything to the HOA. Owners who wish to change the color of their home have two options. 

The first option is to select colors from the list of CRCA pre-approved paint colors.  Once colors are selected from the pre-approved list, owners can get them approved immediately at the CRCA office. The pre-approved colors can be found here:  (owners are not required to use Dunn Edwards brand paint)

The second option is to select custom colors that are not on the pre-approved list and submit samples of the color(s) with an application to the CRCA office.  The CRCA review committee meets twice per month to review applications. 

In summary, pre-approved colors will be approved on-the-spot at the CRCA management office, whereas custom colors that are not on the pre-approved list may take a couple weeks for the committee to meet and decide whether to issue approval.  Owners who are repainting the home the same colors as currently exists on the home can proceed without approval from CRCA.

ARC Applications for paint approval are available at the office or download from the CRCA website here.

Easter Egg Hunt – Register Now!

Easter Egg Hunt – Register Now!

Registration is open for this year’s annual egg hunt!  Come by the CRCA office at 9150 N Coachline Blvd to sign up and get your wristbands to the egg hunt.  

President’s Message March/April 2019

Windmill Park Pool Opening

Exceptional community amenities are a big part of why residents love to call Continental Ranch “home”. One of the most popular amenities in Continental Ranch is the recreational pool facility at Windmill Park. This pool opens for the season on March 1st, a date eagerly anticipated by residents each year. The Windmill Park pool facility includes a heated main pool, Jacuzzi spa, and splash pad. The hours of operation are from 5am – 10pm daily.  Residents should contact the management office with any questions about access or use of the Windmill Park pool facility.

President’s Message September/October 2018

CRCA Committee Members Needed!!!

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for reviewing all changes to the exterior of homes, developing and maintaining the Design Guidelines. This committee works with all homeowners, developers and commercial members of the community. Meetings are held at the Windmill Park Office on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7pm.

Covenants Committee

The CRCA Covenants Committee and the CRCA Management staff, acting at the direction of the Board, strives to enforce the CC&Rs so that Continental Ranch keeps its high standards for the future ahead. Sometimes residents need a reminder from time to time to do the normal maintenance that every home requires. The Covenants Committee supports the Board of Directors and the Association in the enforcement of the governing documents for Continental Ranch Community Association.

Landscape Committee

Continental Ranch’s landscape is one of the most important aspects of the community. The CRCA Landscape Committee takes great pride in their work.  The volunteer committee, working at the direction of the Board, continually monitors the quality of maintenance work performed by the landscape contractor, and also works within the budget developed by the Board to maintain and enhance landscape throughout CRCA as needed.

If you have time to donate for the greater good of the Community, CRCA is always looking for new members. Call 297-7600 for information.