Covenants Committee

Continental Ranch Community Association is dedicated to maintaining the beauty and appearance of the neighborhood to a high standard.

CC&R enforcement is a part of every Association…CRCA makes all attempts to be courteous and reasonable in its methods for enforcement, so that CRCA is a friendly positive place to live. 

While Continental Ranch is over two decades old, homeowners take such pride in their homes that the overall Community looks fresh and clean. Sometimes residents need a reminder from time to time to do the normal maintenance that every home needs. 

The CRCA Covenants Committee and the CRCA Management staff, acting at the direction of the Board, strives to enforce the CC&Rs so that Continental Ranch keeps its high standards for the future ahead.

Typical things that CRCA Management looks for (included but not limited to):

  • Weed free and well kept front yards
  • Sidewalks clear of overhanging trees & bushes
  • Vehicles parked in driveway or garage only
  • Exterior of home is in good condition
  • Trash cans are put away timely

If you have time to donate for the greater good of the Community, the Covenants Committee is always looking for new members. Call 297-7600 for information.

Residents may see the CRCA Management Covenants Assistant touring the property Monday-Friday.  Say hi or give a friendly wave!



Further Information

The Covenants Committee supports the Board of Directors and the Association in the enforcement of the governing documents for Continental Ranch Community Association.

The Covenants Committee reviews violations along with governing and supporting documents submitted to it by the Managing Agent/Representative for which a written request has been sent.

The Covenants Committee holds a monthly meeting for the purpose of examining issues pertaining to the violations of the governing documents and reviews the pending cases to be heard at the following Covenants Hearing.

The Covenants Committee conducts a monthly hearing for the purpose of reviewing those cases brought before this committee by the Managing Agent/Representative, in accordance with the approved VIOLATION PROCESS AND FINE SCHEDULE, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the imposition of fines or other corrective measures in response to the violation.