Director at Large

Board Member Bio

I have lived in Continental Ranch since 1994. I chose this area because it was a new development and was close to the freeway. At that time Continental Ranch was in the first phases of its development so over the years I was able to witness its growth. I have also watched several transitions of our Board of Directors from the time it was headed up by the builders, turned over to the Continental Ranch homeowner’s association, and now our current members.

I am originally from Los Angeles Calif. I moved here when my job with Hughes relocated to Tucson and was later acquired by Raytheon. I retired in 2018 after 40 years in the defense industry where I held several leadership positions throughout my career. During that time I acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and a Master of Arts degree in Business Administration specializing in Technology Management.

I have been a member of the Architect Review Committee for approximately two years and more recently became a member of the Board of Directors when one of the positions was vacated. Since becoming a board member, I have also been assigned as liaison for the Landscape Committee.

I joined the Architect Review Committee to get involved and to give back to our community as well as providing whatever services and expertise that will contribute to its growth. After being on the committee for a while and learning/realizing the purpose and goals of our committees I decided that I have more insight and ideals to offer as a board member.