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Dog Thefts in Cont Ranch!

Recently, dogs have been stolen from homes in Continental Ranch. Apparently, they are being stolen and used as a bait for fighting dogs. They put our pets in a cage with a dog being trained for dog fighting so that dog can learn how to fight before being put in the cage with another fighting dog.

 Our pets are being stolen during all hours of the day, so please stay alert to people or vehicles in your neighborhoods who do not belong there. Two dogs from my neighborhood have been stolen this week.

 Report any suspicious activity to the Marana PD.

Street Cleaner

What happened to the street cleaner? I used to see it once or twice a year. With all the money spent on landscaping, monuments, etc. it does not seem right to drive down streets covered with broken glass, trash, etc.

Take a look at Coachline between Silverbell and Twin Peaks. This does not give the impression that the people of Continental Ranch take any pride in their neighborhood.

Elminate Unwanted Explorer News Delivery

The delivery of Explorer News on Wednesdays to every household, including those that do not wish to receive them and to vacant houses, results in an unsightly array of unwanted Explorers littering our neighborhoods weekly.  Numerous unwanted Explorers remain in driveways, yards, and in the street for weeks. I’m suggesting that the Community Association adopt a change in agreement with the Explorer delivery to make it a subscription only service, or deliver only upon request.   We do notice that they are not delivered in Sunflower to every household. This change would significantly decrease the amount of litter in Continental Ranch and improve the appearance of our neighborhoods.

The Name for our improved Monthly Newsletter

Dear Continental Ranch Community Association, especially the Property Manager and the Board of Directors –

    I agree that we can improve and modernize our Monthly Newsletter; however, “The Windmill” has a certain “charm”.  I would like to see the name remain the same.

 Respectfully suggested,


George F. Erhardt

9841 N. Sunflower Park Drive

Tucson, Arizona 85743-5240



Encourage Marana to ante up for bus transportation

Recent press coverage mentions requests that the Town of Marana provide approximately $189K for bus transportation to the town, including the CRCA area (Sun Tran/Van Tran, I believe.)  In light of current outrageous gas prices and environmental concerns, CRCA should encourage ToM to provide this support.  Many CRCA residents currently use the park’n’ride services and many more would if the services were expanded.  The town has reached a stage in its growth where public transportation is a viable alternative, the budget can support such a reasonable share of cost and the town should pay its rightful share of such services; certainly a more appropraite use of funds than hanging banners year-round from light posts.  CRCA, while not a political entity, should nevertheless encourage ToM to act proactively in this matter.

Font suggestion for Board report in newsletter

In the Board report published in the monthly newsletter, it would be helpful to utilize bold and underline features to highlight committee names, dollar amounts, issues, etc of particular interest.  As the reports currently appear, it is difficult to skim for specific information, it all just runs together.  Perhaps a larger font would be helpful as well, though certainly space considerations dictate font size.