President’s Message February 2011

The BOD approved a number of items at the last meeting: buying new “padded” chairs to replace the metal folding chairs at the community center, resolving the standing water surrounding Windmill Park in the retention ponds by redoing the ponds (as well as bring us into compliance with Marana code)and having the backwash water from the pools pumped into the sewer instead of the ponds, and purchasing new and upgraded security cameras and security system to deal with vandalism. Unfortunately Terry Paschen had to submit his resignation due to personal circumstances. We would all like to thank Terry and wish him and his the very best.Your current BOD has worked very hard at not raising dues by being very budget conscious. Something we do not budget for is vandalism. That does not mean that we do not have to pay to have things repaired or replaced because of vandalism. Senseless acts of vandalism continue with ever increasing cost associated with these acts. The Association has incurred tens of thousands of dollars in costs to repair or replace items in the last year and it still continues. We have just completed installing new lighting at the monument entry ways and have had one  light fixture destroyed completely and another protective cage kicked in. Rocks in the urinals, new plantings stolen and destroyed, play structures broken by teens jumping up and down on them, light fixtures tore off of buildings, kids climbing on the roofs of the ramadas at Windmill Park and the list goes on.

New security cameras are currently being installed at Windmill Park that will allow us to have very clear pictures of any vandals to give to the police. We will also be posting any pictures in the newsletter  as well as posting them on bulletin boards throughout CRCA so those performing these acts might be identified. A large portion of the vandalism exceeds $1000.00 in damages and is a felony offense under AZ Statute. This BOD will convict any and all acts of vandalism to the fullest extent of the law allowed. I urge everyone to read the article in this newsletter on penalties for criminal damage under AZ Revised Statute 13-1602 and realize the seriousness for those who are caught.

Parents might be interested in reading: AZ Revised Statute 12-661. “Liabilities of parents or legal guardians for malicious or willful misconduct of minorsAny act of malicious or willful misconduct of a minor which results in any injury to the person or property of another, to include theft or shoplifting, shall be imputed to the parents or legal guardian having custody or control of the minor whether or not such parents or guardian could have anticipated the misconduct for all purposes of civil damages, and such parents or guardian having custody or control shall be jointly and severally liable with such minor for any actual damages resulting from such malicious or willful misconduct.” Parents may also be ordered to attend counseling or community service with the minor. This BOD is very serious about stopping this destruction of Association property and will take any means necessary to see it stopped. Please report any acts of vandalism to the office and or police so we can stop this before we need to add a new budget item to cover vandalism and in turn raise dues.