President’s Message March 2011

Spring is just around the corner and the landscape committee has finalized a number of projects to be completed with warmer weather. Refurbishing of the entryways will start as soon as all danger of frost is gone. This project will involve removing 27 trees along Silverbell Road that are diseased or dying. The management company will be coordinating the removals so that the replacement trees will be planted shortly after the removals are completed. The sides of Twin Peaks road have been approved to receive additional plantings as well as the newly installed monument of the East end of CRCA. Windmill Park drainage basins will be reworked and brought up to code and the turf at Windmill Park and the baseball diamond will be renovated. This will require that a construction fence be installed around all of Windmill Park. The fencing will be erected the week prior to Easter and will remain up until the turf project has been completed. We understand that a lot of homeowners utilize the park so please be patient during this time and realize that the projects are very much needed to bring us into compliance with Town of Marana requirements as well as to eliminate liability issues with the current condition of the grass fields.The new security cameras are up and running and hopefully will result in less vandalism of our common areas as we will have very clear pictures of those performing these senseless destructive acts. The new pool fencing has been installed on both pools replacing the rusted out fence that was actually falling down.Having been a dog owner all of my life I truly love having canine companionship. Having a dog as a part of the family also comes with responsibilities. While I love dogs there are people who do not like dogs or are afraid of them. Please remember that Pima County has a leash law and that CRCA has a rule that all dogs must be on a leash when on CRCA common areas. Windmill Park is a great place to take your dog- but not off a leash! There have been numerous problems with unleashed dogs and owners not picking up after their dogs. There are signs at Windmill Park that some homeowners either choose to ignore or feel the rules do not apply to them. Any homeowner with an unleashed dog is subject to a $100 fine for each occurrence as well as losing use of common areas (pools included) for 30 days for each occurrence. Please be a considerate dog owner and think of others who might not have the same love of your canine companion.The activities committee is seeking help with the planned Easter egg hunt in April. Please consider volunteering so this can be a successful event for the kids.