President’s Message January 2011

This past month the BOD was faced with some decisions affecting use of some of the common areas. The pool committee recommended closing the Windmill Park pool at 6PM instead of the 10PM closing. The reduction in hours was necessitated due to vandalism to the pool and bath room fixtures, pool rules being disregarded and a need to protect our amenities for all homeowners. It is unfortunate that the actions of a few individuals necessitated such action. The new pool hours will commence on January 7th and be in effect until the pool monitors are hired again in May. Another outdoor toy was destroyed at one of the pocket parks- the fourth one at the same park- and it was decided to not replace it due to the continued vandalism. The month before the association had to spend over $6800.00 replacing vandalized portions of the play structure at Windmill Park. The security cameras are in the process of being updated and we hope to be able to positively identify those people costing all you homeowners so much money in vandalism. This BOD has committed to prosecuting those caught to the fullest extent of the law as well as restricting their common area privileges as well as fining them to the extent allowed under the CC&R’s. 

The BOD approved the budgeted monies to scan and digitize all the association files that were previously “stored” in card board boxes in a rented storage unit. While moving the boxes from the storage unit; “files” on homeowner improvements and other information that should have been in  homeowners files already were found scattered throughout the boxes. It will be interesting to see what is found in the boxes to be organized.

The monument lights that were previously installed have been replaced with new fixtures due to the poor quality of the fixtures spec’d out by the lighting design company. The new Twin Peaks monument will be lighted as part of the monies budgeted for the new entry way monument and landscaping of the same.

A special thanks to the Town of Marana Police Dept. for the enforcement of the speed limit on Twin Peaks Road. While we all looked forward to the opening of Twin Peaks it brought with it increased traffic as well as increased speeds in our community.

I would like to thank the homeowners in CRCA who gave so generously to the Adopt a Family program our association sponsored. The two families “wishes” were met and it was nice to be able to share the Christmas spirit with them. Thanks again to all who were able to share.

I would like to thank Gus Lipins for the time he served on the BOD after his resignation in November. The BOD would like to welcome Gladys Pope who agreed to serve the community as the newest member of your BOD. Gladys is a long time resident of CRCA and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the BOD.