Suggestion Items

Format for comments on suggestions

Formatting the Suggestion Box so that comments/replies could be added to each suggestion (similar to facebook/myspace/etc) would allow ongoing opinions/clarifications/specifics and perhaps ease the job of committees who then work from suggestions received.


I would love to see covered ramadas throughout our community with solar lighting. If there is an area open in Parcel 3 I would be thrilled.



I would love to see more lighting throughout Continental Ranch similar to that of Sunflower. Lighting does make things look nicer, but more importantly then that it adds security. You can see what is going on in these common areas as you are walking at night or as you are looking out your window.  I would love to see lighting in front of every monument, at every pocket park, and a few more in the median entering every parcel -lighting up the landscaping. Let’s shed some light on our neighborhood.

Shady benches

My children truly enjoy the playgrounds, however it seems that the only benches to sit on near the playgrounds are always in the direct sun. It would be awesome to have shaded sitting areas.

Organize Online Documents

It is terrific that we now have most association documents available to us online, however, they need to be organized in a better fashion.  Three design guideline documents are available online and unless you view each one of them, you are not aware of which one is the current guidelines to which we are being held accountable. 

There are also “Final changes to the revised design guideline” available, however with no date on them we do not know which DG version they are associated with.

Creating a “Current” documents area and an “Archive” documents area on the website would help alleviate this confusion.

talk up the web site

Use the newsletter to really talk up the web site!  I am astonished that more people are not registered, I don’t think most people really understand what a great tool we have!