Maps on the Association Website

There are no maps on the community association website. I just moved to Tucson and to Continental Ranch and have heard rumors that there are pools and a community center for residents, but there are no maps on the website.   Perhaps the webmaster could add a clickable link for each of the physical resources and have a picture of the place, a map, and an address.  Also, perhaps a master continental ranch map that shows each of the unique places available to residents, important landmarks, etc. that a user could zoom in on or move around in to take a visual look at one’s new community.   Thank you.


An Ounce of Prevention

I heard of a CR Home Owner experiancing a flooded home because of a burst pipe caused by a faulty Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV).

My pressure was a dangeroulsy high 90 psi. After replacing the PRV and the mainshut-off valve (which was also defective) all is well.

The normal pressure regulated by the PRV in the home is about 60 psi. Becasue of the age of the homes and mineral content in the water, it could lead to a failure of the valve.  It may be a good idea to also have yours checked especially if you notice appliances making funny noises when using water.

Thank You John Lambert for the Heads-Up!

And No I’m not a Plumber.

CR Dog Park

It looks like this suggestion was posted way back in the summer, but I’d just like to reiterate it.  How about getting a designated dog park in CR? 

I think the whole community would benefit greatly from it.  There has got to be space near one of the existing parks in the community where a secure area could be made.  I think this is an issue that should be seriously considered by the board and taken to the Town for a look.  It seems like every 4th house in CR has a dog, and those dogs and families would definitely reap the benefits of a designated, secure dog park area.  The previous suggestion mentioned the dog park in Oro Valley as a great example.  

Hopefully this is something the board will take a serious look at.

 Brett S.

Add seniors web sites links

Add two seniors web links to your web site, as follows:

1. Senior Citizens/Retirees of Continental Ranch (SCRCR): A description of SCRCR club aims, activities, etc. can be found at

2. A series of photos from SCRCR’s founding in 1994 until present is at

Fitness Center

I certainly hope that everyone read the WHOLE article about the “possible” fitness center that the Strategic Planning Committee wants to put up!!  This center will cost each homeowner $2,000. as a one time assessment.  I don’t know about anyone else but I think it’s the dumbest suggestion we’ve ever had.  We have plenty of centers close by that people can use for a small fee.  And then, on top of the one time assessment fee our association fees are going to go up to pay for staff and upkeep.  I know that this is something that may be in the future, but PLEASE – write our management company and strategic planning committee to let them know that we do not want this center. 

Fitness Center

I think constructing an indoor fitness center and perhaps several “PAR” courses(Basic workout areas with stations such as pull up bars, sit-up station, push-up station, stretching bars, rings etc.) outside throughout the Ranch would be great! That could improve the quality of life for many of the residents considering the state of fitness most of us are in. We already have a beautiful walk/ride/skate path along the Santa Cruz, and a Fitness Center and/or Par Courses would complement that. I’d even pay a small amount to help fund the on-going maintenance of the Fitness Center.