President’s Message May 2012


I would like to take the time to thank Jocelyn with our management company for all the hard work she put into the Easter egg hunt at Windmill Park. This event was not something put on by the Activities Committee as when it was needed to be organized there were no members on the committee. The BOD told Jocelyn to take the ball and run with it and from what I was told she scored a touchdown. Good job Jocelyn- the BOD and all the children who participated thank you.


Five years ago this October there was an “exclusive contract” signed with Waste Management to provide garbage collection services to CRCA. This was supposed to provide lower rates to the homeowners than could be negotiated individually- such has not been the case. This action was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” to the homeowners of CRCA and resulted in the BOD that signed the contract to be presented with a recall petition. All but two of the BOD members resigned and led this community to court to settle differences. There are no more “exclusive contracts” allowed in CRCA by a resolution of this BOD- all contracts must be cancellable with 30 days notice. The Waste Management contract will expire in October of 2012. In an effort to gather homeowner input we have invited those waste collection companies interested in providing garbage collection services to the homeowners of CRCA at  a public forum on June 23, 2012. We have asked them to bring their best proposals forward so that all can see what is being offered. The BOD will evaluate the proposals and gather input from homeowners before deciding on a course of action. An exclusive contract would eliminate home owner’s choices as to who they want to provide garbage collection- with the current resolution in place this will not and cannot happen. A preferred provider contract would seem to be the wise choice- this would give us all the ability to seek lower rates by having a larger number of customers. This would in no way take away an individual’s right to choose who they prefer. Please plan on attending to have your questions answered.


With the warm weather upon us it is nice to see the new plantings blooming along Twin Peaks Road and in the entryways to parcels. Windmill Park has never looked as good as it does now in the 9 years I have lived here. Thanks to the landscape committee for the great job they have done.