President’s Message June 2012

CRCA entered into an “exclusive” contract in 2007 with Waste Management to provide garbage collection services. It was a five year contract and by signing it CRCA residents were to receive lower rates because Waste Management would be the exclusive provider of services. We have all seen our rates increase in each of the years this contract has been in force. Your current BOD has added resolutions in the last few years that say there are no exclusive contracts allowed in CRCA as well as that ALL contracts will have a 30 day cancellation clause. Waste Management has received notice that CRCA will not be renewing the exclusive contract. There will be a homeowner forum on Saturday, June 23rd at 3:00PM at Twin Peaks Elementary School at which we have asked a number of trash collection companies to attend. We have asked them to provide us with their best proposals for a contract as a “preferred provider” and not exclusive. The BOD will assess the proposals along with homeowner input and make a decision at a later date as to who CRCA will accept a “preferred provider” contract with. Please plan on attending this forum so you can be informed on what will be offered.

As some of you who use the Community Center kiddie pool are aware, there is no longer a sun shade covering the pool. The sun shade that was previously installed was not designed for a pool area. Because of this there was excessive corrosion of the framework holding the shade. It was unsafe to leave the shade in place and it had to be removed or else we would have to close the pool for safety reasons. The pool committee was going to address it in next year’s budget. At the last BOD meeting management was instructed by the BOD to expedite replacing the sun shade as soon as possible. The small children using the pool are greatly affected by the sun rays and the BOD felt it in the best interests of these children to get it done and not wait. Bear with us as there will need to be an engineer to provide us with the needed plans before we proceed. This is a priority item for the BOD.

A number of BOD members volunteered to help at the Easter egg hunt in April. It was observed by them that some of the handicapped people had trouble navigating the Windmill Park area in their wheel chairs. One of the plans that was on hold was to continue the brick work from the office entry to include a bricked walkway to the Ramada’s (with a culvert over the drainage swale so the walkway would stay accessible) and to brick in the areas around the Ramada’s to provide more picnic area. The Windmill Park area and the Ramada’s have been seeing a lot of use on weekends and we need to make it more accessible to those with special needs. Management is to bring bids for this project to the next BOD meeting.

Hopefully you all have a great summer- remember to enjoy the pools and common areas that are available to use as homeowner’s by your dues.