President’s Message July 2010

We are three fourths of the way through our 2009/2010 fiscal year being completed. This BOD has worked diligently to not only satisfy the regulations imposed on it by the Arizona Corporations Commission and AZ law but also to enhance the common areas within CRCA.

We have completed the audit required and have an updated Reserve Study with which to plan future replacement and/or refurbishment of our CRCA assets.


A lot has happened over the last nine months. A new management company was hired and seems to have us headed in the right direction- finally. They have updated the software to a system called VMS, at no added expense I might add. One of the benefits you might have noticed is account access and payment options available online.


An RFP (request for proposal) was put out for the landscape contract for our common areas and after much scrutiny DLC Resources was chosen as our new landscape contractor. They are currently working on a proposal to enhance the entryway landscaping at all monument entries, as well as the Twin Peaks entry from the new roadway. An ad hoc committee is working on proposals for the entryway monument there as well as landscape enhancements. Pima Wastewater has a re-pumping station there behind a cyclone fence. Thanks to John Warner from Pima Wastewater for working hard to help have a brick wall built to enclose this.


The Community Center Pool was resealed at a substantial savings over the planned cost ($15,000 spent, versus $70,000 budgeted) and the concrete that needed repair in front of the Windmill office was replaced with brick pavers at another substantial savings over budget requests ($15,000 spent, versus $23,000 budgeted). A regular seasonal Air Conditioning maintenance service program has been established for our two buildings, instead of neglecting the units and until they break down and need full replacement – preventative maintenance a new idea here in CRCA now.


New lighting is being added to the entryways with monuments as we speak. Decorative rock replenishment is being planned along with covering bare dirt areas currently owned by CRCA as budget allows. The Community Center parking lot should be resealed this summer and we are working on bids to repave the Windmill Park parking lot. Other items being looked at are pool area lighting upgrades as well as pool area fencing upgrades. All of the items I mentioned are budgeted for and I see no need at this time to seek a dues increase. Thanks to Jim Susa, past chair of the finance committee, and Debbie Budd, current chair, we are in sound financial shape. As our auditor told us- we are in better shape financially than any other association he has dealt with currently.


Hopefully you enjoy the summer and the monsoon does form. Never thought I would say this, after growing up in Seattle, we need the rain!