Windmill Pool Deck Repairs

Windmill Pool Deck Repair

Residents may have read about the closure of Windmill Park Pool in the September newsletter – 


Windmill Pool & Spa was open for the Labor Day weekend, and then closed down on September 6th for repairs.  As you may have read in past newsletters, the CRCA Board has approved servicing the Windmill Pool deck following the Association Reserve Study and according to the budget for this year.  The Board understands the inconvenience created by closing the pool for service, however, it is a necessary measure to allow our Community’s valuable asset to be properly cared for and kept in a top notch condition. Repairs are estimated to take about four weeks to complete, including draining the pool once the deck is complete, so that the pool can be thoroughly cleaned and fill with fresh water.  

Watch for updates on the front page for info on when the pool will be estimated to re-open.  Because of the nature of these types of projects, a precise date for re-opening cannot be estimated until the project nears completion.

Please remember that the Community Center Pool remains open and heated while the Windmill Pool is closed.










Project Progress 9/20/2011

The pool deck repairs are well under way and moving right along according to schedule.  If everything continues on pace, completion is estimated for early October.  As of this date, the original texture has been removed, the deck scarified, cracks repaired, coping edge removed and re-poured, flat-coat applied, and approximately half of the new texture has been laid down.  After the remaining new texture is completely applied, the deck will be colored and sealed.  It will then sit and ‘cure’ for approximately a week to allow it to set up and guarantee a long life of the new deck coating.  The deck repair company, Saguaro Pool, is working in coordination with the Association’s pool service cleaners at Oasis Pool Service to ensure that the pool will be fully drained and cleaned after the work is complete to bring it back to it’s normal sparkling clean condition once repairs are completed. 

Early stages of deck scarification     

Early stages of deck scarification                                        Flat-coat overlay


Coping edge removal  



Coping edge re-pour with form-set



Crack repair concrete removal and re-pour



New control joints added and then re-textured



New texture applied over flat-coat

Project Progress 9/29/2011

Pool Deck repairs are nearly complete.  The deck is now colored and sealed, and will be curing over the next several days.  Some additional touch-up was still underway today. 

Today Saguaro Pool drained the pool water so that the pool could be thoroughly cleaned.  Since the water was due to be replaced this year, it worked out well for Saguaro to include this in the project.  Over the years, as the water continually evaporates and is replaced each day, minerals are left behind and slowly build up over time.  These mineral buildups cause the need for pools to be drained from time to time.  With the water drained, Saguaro will clean the pool and then refill it.

Project Progress 10/03/2011

The deck continues to fully cure. The water was completely drained and the plaster was cleaned on Friday. The water has been refilling the pool over the weekend and will be back to the normal level by the end of today. Oasis Pool is working to re-balance the chemicals.  The pool furniture will be cleaned and placed back on the deck Thursday, and the official reopening of Windmill Pool is set for this Friday, October 7th.

Project Progress 10/07/2011


NOW OPEN!  Project complete. 

The water is ready for enjoyment!