Windmill Park Maintenance

Windmill Park Closed for Maintenance (reopens July 1st!)

Windmill Park – Under Construction

Several projects are underway at Windmill Park!  Unfortunately for those who frequent the Windmill Park will have to wait for the projects to complete before the park is re-opened to the public.  The Pool and Playground will remain open, however, the baseball/softball field and the football/soccer field will be fenced off and closed to the public beginning April 18th.  Details on the were published in March’s edition of the Windmill, which read:


“The Windmill Field was also identified for much needed maintenance overhaul.  Over the years, the Windmill Park baseball/softball field and football/soccer field have gotten out of level.  As soil has shifted and gophers have run wild, the turf has developed many dips, pocks, and divots.  The Board approved the Committee’s plans to fix the turf.  This involves “scalping” the turf (cutting it very low) during the transition period from winter rye grass to summer bermuda grass.  Once the turf is scalped down, a layer of sand is brought in to top dress the surface and fill in imperfections.  With a clean and level surface, the new season’s bermuda grass will grow up through the sand for a sharp clean new playing field.  In addition, there will be a concrete boarder to the football/soccer field installed.  This will create an upscale look, providing for straight, clean edge lines to the perimeter of the field as well as keep grass from creeping into the surrounding decorative rock. ”


In addition to the turf renovation, the drainage basins surrounding the football/soccer field will also undergo serious maintenance work.  The work on the basins will be to restore proper flow for adequate drainage during storms.  These basins have been problematic for many years.  This project is believed to provide a long-term solution to keeping our basins in good functional condition. 


The Windmill Park is scheduled to be closed to the public from April 18th thru mid June.

The exact date that it will re-open is will be determined by the completion of the maintenance projects.  The Association is making every effort to open the field as soon as possible.  The Board of Directors for the Association regrets restricting access to the field, but it is necessary for these projects to occur so that CRCA can keep its assets in top condition and ensure the long term enjoyment for all CRCA residents.  Closing the park is the only way to reduce safety liability hazards and eliminate interference with the projects, ensuring a quality finished product.  You are encouraged to keep an eye on the website for announcements regarding progress of the projects and anticipated dates of re-opening the park.  As stated in the beginning of this article, the pool and playground will remain open during the course of the project.