President’s Message October 2011

Having received your property tax assessments from Pima County there is an assessment that most of us pay little attention to. That assessment is listed as CMID (Cortaro Marana Irrigation District) and is being levied on a large majority of CRCA homeowners. CMID has been in existence since 1919 and serves approximately 70 irrigation customers (farmers) and also wholesales water to the Town of Marana for its potable water distribution system. Before CRCA was built for home development a large portion of it was used for lettuce farming and irrigation was needed by the farmers. After the development of CRCA no change was made to the taxing abilities of CMID and all homeowners within the district are taxed at a rate of $66 an acre. While most properties are far less than an acre you are still taxed at the percentage of an acre you have. While most homeowners only see a $20 to $30 dollar a year tax obligation it does make a difference in today’s world of tight budgets. It makes one wonder why CMID is able to receive taxes from property owners who receive no irrigation water from the District but still get taxed? The BOD is currently investigating options for the affected homeowners.


By now everyone has received their ballot for the election of BOD members. While there are only four candidates for the four BOD positions please return your ballots so we may attain a quorum to certify the results. BOD members receive no compensation for their time in trying to make the Association and CRCA a great place to live.