President’s Message November 2010

While the BOD election only had three candidates running for the three positions we were not sure that we would meet quorum requirement. Our By Laws require 10% of the membership to participate in the election. The quorum requirement was 476 and we received 796 ballots. The three BOD members elected for two years were Connie DeLarge, John Lambert and Larry Lemieux. It is really disheartening to me that less than 16% of eligible homeowners took part in this election and even less participate in committees or attend BOD meetings. This Association is only as good as the homeowners who participate.The BOD met and elected officers the night after the annual meeting (October 21, 2010). The officers are as follows: President- John Lambert; First Vice President- Peggy Brachen; Second Vice President- Gus Lipins; Secretary- Connie DeLarge; Treasurer- Larry Lemieux; Directors- Marilyn Stimpson and Terry Paschen. They will hold their respective offices for one year until the next election.With the new fiscal year comes homeowner assessments or dues! We did not have to raise dues for the coming year but we always have people forgetting or having financial problems. If you are having financial difficulties- please contact the office and talk with Dale DeMen the manager to work something out. This Association is here to help you the homeowner- not penalize you.As most of you, I have been looking forward to the opening of the Twin Peaks interchange. I would like to commend the Landscape committee for the plantings they put into the median to welcome people to CRCA. It really looks good! They plan on attacking the areas outside the roadway with next year’s budget among other projects planned. They were able to do all the projects for 2009 and remain under budget. As I write this letter, it looks like CRCA as a whole was able to operate approximately $15,000.00 under budget for 2009. As your BOD we still have a number of issues that we are facing but will deal with them as we have over my last two year term on the BOD- with openness and transparency. We have nothing to hide from you the homeowners and only wish we had more participation. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the cooler weather- along with not having to use Cortaro to get home at night.