President’s Message May 2010

Continental Ranch

The Windmill office entry has been a mess but should be completed by the time this newsletter is received in the mail. It was budgeted to stain the concrete this year but we discovered serious issues with cracking and settlement of the slabs themselves. The staining would have to be done every five years and would not have addressed the settlements and trip hazards we saw. We asked management to get bids for replacement of the bad slabs of concrete (approx. 1/3 of the total concrete) and to ask for bids to replace all of the walkway with brick pavers. After receiving the bids the BOD decided to replace all of the concrete with brick pavers and it was well under the budget to stain the concrete. The concrete removal took more time than expected because there were sections where the concrete was over 13” deep- why? No one can answer that question.

I’d like to thank the Groundskeeper for the time they were our landscape contractor and for the professional turnover of the property to DLC Resources Inc. – our new contractor. Glen Kilmer worked very hard to clean up any areas of concern and worked with management to see it was a seamless transition. Thanks to Glen and his staff. With that said, I’d like to welcome DLC as our new landscape contractor and we look forward to making CRCA a place people want to make their home.

We still have a large number of issues facing us your BOD but are working to try to resolve them. Rest assured that each and every member of this BOD is working hard on your behalf. The office fields numerous questions about the Grassmeyer lawsuit and other issues and cannot provide answers to your questions at this time. Our attorney is still in negotiations and until we resolve those issues we are not at liberty to discuss them. When we are able, we will hold an open forum to answer your questions.

It seems like vandalism continues in CRCA. The Windmill pool has been vandalized numerous times and we have had issues with people jumping the fence to get into the pool. Pool furniture has been thrown in the pool, groups of teens have been verbally abusive to residents and numerous other conduct problems have arisen. The BOD has hired pool monitors earlier than budgeted to stop this behavior. This is a waste of all homeowners dues as well as behavior we cannot allow. I will be proposing that anyone caught performing actions not allowed in the pool areas or vandalizing association property in the pools will have their pool privileges revoked. This has to stop and we will do everything necessary to see that it does. We as BOD members are committed to making CRCA a place we all are proud of.