President’s Message May 2009

Writing the Presidents message for the newsletter can be a very daunting task. Not wanting to write a message full of fru fru nor remind homeowners what they cannot do is not something I will do. With the deadline for the message well before the study session or Board meeting it is next to impossible to report to you homeowners anything that is short of conjecture on my part. With that said, let me say your BOD has been very busy trying to make CRCA the place we all promised when running for election to the BOD. It is nice to hear from homeowners that they feel we are making a difference in CRCA becoming more “homeowner friendly”.
I hope that the new Design Guidelines have been passed at the April 29th BOD meeting- there was a lot of time, energy and thought put into these by the ARC; and they are to be thanked for presenting such a document. I would like to pass on one of the comments from a homeowner after he read them at the office:
“I can’t tell you how pleased I was after reading the new design guidelines.  Even the way it was written is friendly.  It contains common sense, puts many decisions back into the hands of the homeowners, and shows a real desire to work with the homeowner on items not spelled out in the document.”
I know that a number of you were confused when you received yet another letter about opting out of the Waste Management contract. I apologize if it seemed redundant but our attorney advised us to proceed in this manner so that we can put this divisive issue behind us. While we did not achieve what we set out to do I feel the resultant negotiated compromise is in the best interests of all homeowners in CRCA. We are hoping to finalize this with Waste Management by the end of May.
Let me just close by saying that there are still a large number of issues confronting this Board and we will address each one of them in a fair and legal manner. We are homeowners also and have a vested interest in seeing that Association business is done to benefit all homeowners in CRCA and not just a vocal few.