President’s Message March 2012

I am continually surprised by the large number of children using the play structure at the Windmill Park playground area. I am also surprised at how many children and families enjoy the turf area that is really looking nice. It is too bad that there are a few individuals who believe there is a Poop Fairy who will wave their magic wand and the piles left by their dogs will magically disappear. There is no Poop Fairy and the piles left are being picked up on kid’s shoes. Not only that, but there are very real health issues with dog feces as well as it being against the law to not scoop your poop. It is not limited to just Windmill Park but throughout CRCA. Please be considerate of your neighbors and don’t wait for the Poop Fairy to appear- scoop your dogs poop.

On a happier note CRCA will be having its annual Easter Egg hunt the Saturday before Easter- April 7th. There were over 350 kids last year and we are anticipating a larger turn out this year. We are still in need of volunteers to assist the day of the egg hunt. If you could find a few hours to spend helping there you will be rewarded with a lot of smiles from the children participating. Call Jocelyn at the office if you are interested in helping out.