President’s Message March 2010

Continental Ranch

Though we need the rain, and the snow on the Catalina’s is pretty, I hope that spring is just around the corner. The BOD is getting ready to interview the companies selected as finalists to the Landscape RFP. They are being asked to present a short presentation at our next study session- Wednesday, March 10th at 6:30PM. Please attend to see what is being offered to CRCA as far as maintaining the landscaping in our common areas.

My last letter, I am sorry to say, dealt with vandalism in CRCA. I hope this will be the last mention I have to make about vandalism in our common areas. The pool at Windmill Park was vandalized on a Friday night late last month- resulting in having to close it until the following Monday morning. The pool committee recommended that the pool hours be shortened to closing at 8PM instead 10PM; as a result  of the vandalism. I see no reason that the BOD will not follow this recommendation. This BOD has made it clear that we will prosecute to the full extent of the law, any and all individuals who damage Association property. Please report any and all acts of vandalism or inappropriate behavior in our common areas to the management staff as well as the Marana police department. This needless waste of our dues monies is unacceptable.

The Community Center had a broken pipe in the walls between the women’s bath room which resulted in drywall damage.  Polybutylene pipe was the cause and it appears we cannot file a claim as the time deadline has passed. We are currently getting bids to replace the old polybutylene pipe with new pipe, as well as repair all the damages. Please be aware that there is no designated women’s room and that things will be a bit of a mess until all the repairs are made. Though this was not budgeted the BOD has been very frugal in spending monies and there should be no issue covering this unplanned expense.

Have a wonderful Easter and I hope to see you at one of our meetings. This Association does not run itself.