President’s Message July 2011

It is nice to see all the activity at both of the swimming pools here. With the increased usage comes increased issues. I find it quite irritating that the Association has to spend $50,000.00 every year to employ pool monitors to try and get people to follow the few rules there are for using the pools. $10.00 of your dues is going to these monitors because people cannot seem to understand the need to conduct themselves in a civilized manner at the swimming pools. You will find the pool rules in this newsletter- AGAIN. Let me just say that anyone not following the rules while using the pools will be subject to having their pool keys shut off as a result of inappropriate behavior. The security cameras are up and running and afford us a very clear video of what does go on at the pools and are stored for any future use.  An added note to that is that if you are not current on your dues your pool key will be turned off until you make payment.

While the BOD has implemented a new approach to covenants enforcement it does not mean that we are not issuing violations. The homeowner covenants liaison will be trying to establish personal contact about any issues before writing “the letters”. Please make sure that the office has your current phone number so that they may contact you personally before having to issue  a violation letter. Monetary fines have been used in the past to try to get people to comply- even $100 a day fines were issued a number of years ago with about the same degree of success as the fines levied now. If a violation is not remedied in the prescribed time pool keys will be turned off for a violation along with a possible monetary fine. Not what we as BOD members and neighbors want to do but we have no choice but to seek compliance with the Associations documents.

I hope you are all enjoying the new landscaping that has been going on throughout the community as much as I am. I am sad to report that Joe Callahan, the chairman of the landscape committee, has passed away. I met Joe through the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. He was in very poor health and needed help with his landscaping. I watched Joe go from just being able to sit in his chair at home to rebounding quite nicely. He started getting around with his walker and joined the landscape committee to try to give back to the community. Joe was very outspoken and his heart was in the right place and he did one hell of a job on the committee. I know that I will miss him but CRCA is a better place because of the efforts Joe put into the landscape committee. When you look at all the new trees and plantings please take a moment and thank Joe for being involved.