President’s Message January 2012

Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday and 2012 will bring everything you hope for.  I know that the two families that CRCA adopted for Christmas had a good Christmas because of the generosity of a large number of homeowners who donated items that the children of those families wished for. Thanks to all of you- it was greatly appreciated by all.

I would like to thank the Boy Scouts of Troop #219  And Girl Scouts of Troop #320/1499 for their taking the time and effort to make the flag raising at the Community Center on December 10th a special event. They approached the flag-raising with respect for what the flag represents and took their duty very seriously. When you drive or walk by the Community Center take the time to look at the flag and reflect on what it means to each and everyone one of us.

The BOD has survived another year of challenges and obstacles and I am sure we will face more of them in the year ahead. Every member of the BOD puts a lot of time and effort into the making CRCA a better place to live. I feel we have been successful and look forward to another year serving all you homeowners.

The Activities Committee accomplished a lot of things in 2010 and 2011. There was no Halloween Party in 2011 and Santa was not available at the Community Center for pictures benefitting the Community Food Bank. This is because there are only two members on the committee at this point- and attendance has been dismal at best. The BOD will attempt to put on the Easter Egg Hunt in 2012 but we need volunteers to make this as good an event as last years. Even if you do not have the time to serve on a committee please consider volunteering to help this Easter. The kids really enjoyed it and the BOD does not want to see this disappear because of lack of people to help out during the event.