President’s Message August 2011

Just a reminder, the Windmill Park pool will be closing right after Labor Day weekend so that the planned Kool Deck repairs can be made. The Community Center poll will be open until the Windmill repairs are complete- and yes it will be heated. The repairs are very extensive and will hopefully take 30 days to complete but should result in a major improvement in another one of CRCA’s assets.

There have been numerous complaints by homeowners about having to file written complaints when they have an issue with a neighboring owner. “We used to be able to call in and not have to sign a complaint” is the most often heard objection.  The other comment is “when were the CC&R’s changed?” The CC&R’s have not been changed since being signed on October 31, 2002- we have just chosen to actually read them before acting. Call-in complaints were and are a direct violation of the CC&R’s.

 Section 4.12 Procedure when complaints made against Owners. Any Owner who files a complaint against another Owner, shall provide the Association with a written complaint which contains the complaining owners name, address, and telephone number.”

There are a large number of “trashcan violations” every month. While leaving them out on the curb is unsightly and results in a violation letter that does not mean you have to put them in your garage. Section of the CC&R’s states: “No garbage or trash shall be allowed, stored or placed on a Lot or in a Parcel except in sanitary covered containers. Containers shall not be Visible from Neighboring Property.”  Visible from Neighboring Property: “means any object which is visible and discernible to an individual whose eyes are six feet above the ground level and who is standing at ground level on any portion of the Covered Property.” If you can conceal your trashcan with landscaping or other screening acceptable to the ARC then there is no violation if it is “not visible from neighboring property.” Just a thought for those having problems wrestling your cans from the backyard or garage every week.