President’s Message June 2014

With Memorial Day behind us school is out for summer break meaning the kids have more free time. I am sure we will see more use of our community pools by these children and their families. Just a reminder, that the pool committee has established a set of rules for behavior in the pool areas so that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time while using the pools. Management is not responsible for making the rules but they are sometimes responsible for enforcing them. That being said, it seems that a few people feel it is their right to get confrontational with management when they are approached about breaking the pool rules. Management is following the rules that the pool committee established and the BOD ratified. The BOD put in place a policy that anyone acting in an intimidating, confrontational or demeaning manner toward management or the pool monitors will have their pool key suspended for 30-days and may face up to a $100 fine. Please follow the rules and treat management and the pool monitors with respect- they are only doing what they are told.

The trees in the common areas within CRCA have a replacement value of 2.4 million dollars. They are a great asset providing shade and enhancing the environment for all. The landscape committee is tasked with overseeing the care of the trees as well as the plants and flowers. It was noticed that a number of Palo Verde trees were not appearing healthy. The arborist was consulted and he noted that a number of them are infested with witches’ broom. Witches’ broom causes a proliferation of dense twig growth and is associated with the eriophyid mite, but the cause of the problem is unclear at this time. It eventually will kill the tree and there is no cure except removal of affected areas, but removal does not prevent reoccurrence. If you prune out witches’ broom you need to sterilize your tools before using them elsewhere or you can spread it further. If you have Palo Verde trees please keep an eye on them for witches’ broom so it does not spread throughout the community. CRCA has over 170 Palo Verde trees and the landscape committee will be addressing what actions need to be taken with the affected trees so we can protect our investment.