President’s Message February 2014

As we head into February and the holiday cheer begins to fade, I wanted to share a touching letter that was addressed to our community by a CRCA adopt-a-family. I hope everyone who donated gifts this year has a chance to read this and know that you are appreciated!


January 22, 2014

Dear all the Continental Ranch Christmas Angels,

When my kids were little they weren’t allowed to enjoy their gifts until the thank you notes had been written and placed in the mail. I’m afraid that this year we’ve broken that rule.

Please forgive that this note is so late, but the ALS my son is battling has completely changed life for us. It seems that one day melts into another and before we know it, we are days, or weeks … or months, down the road.

Many, many, MANY! Thanks to you and all the Angels who made our Christmas possible. You truly blessed us with your generosity.

I wish you could have heard our grand-daughter’s excitement as she opened her gifts and shared her smile as she thanked her Daddy for spoiling her. (We told her the gifts were from her Daddy). She has enjoyed the scooter, the Nerf toys, the movies, the clothes, the red dress … OH MY! She loved it! If she could, she would wear it 24-7. She looked so pretty in it. One day she put it on with some of her jewelry and pretended she was a queen  J . She proudly displays her jewelry box that is overflowing with her nail polishes and jewelry.

Daddy is enjoying the pajama bottoms, socks, movies and wasted no time logging onto iTunes to use the gift cards.

Grandpa’s popcorn is long gone, and he has been enjoying the movie tickets. He wasted no time using his Barnes and Noble gift cards. We will be enjoying the barbecue sauces this weekend.

I am loving my pajamas, slippers and robes. The Walmart gift card has put food on the table since Christmas.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough but know that it comes from the bottom of our hearts.

We are grateful. May God richly bless each and every one of you and return your kindness many times over.

-Your adopted family