President’s Message August 2014

Another school year starts on August 5th so watch out for the children going to and from school. They’ve been on summer vacation and may not be as attentive to traffic around them. Speaking of school, the Marana High School marching band will be holding a rummage sale fundraiser at the Community Center on August 9th to help purchase accessories like hat boxes, suit bags, gloves, etc. for their NEW uniforms.The band participates in the Rodeo Days Parade, the Marana Founders’ Day Parade, as well as dedicating every Friday night during football season to play at the games. This is a great opportunity to pick up used treasures and school clothes as well as support the local high school band. Last year they were able to acquire a director’s observation tower with proceeds from their sale.

The Windmill pool deck repairs should be complete as well as the repainting of the office building, ramadas, and pool fencing as required by the Reserve study. Keeping our assets up to a high standard is the goal of the BOD and through careful budgeting and contributions to the Reserve funding we have been able to do this while not having to increase assessments. With the required increases to the Reserve contributions each year there will be some choices to be made in the next few years.

The survey sent out to the homeowners concerning keeping Windmill pool open in the winter months has been tallied. There were 620 homeowner surveys returned. 442 homeowners (71%)  wanted the pool closed in the winter and 178 homeowners (29%) wanted it open. The BOD will follow the majority opinion in this matter.

Hopefully the monsoons will kick in this month as we can surely use the rain.