President’s Message April 2015

The annual CRCA Easter egg hunt will be held on April 4th at Windmill Park for CRCA residents. If the past attendance is any indication we can look forward to a large number of children enjoying all the activities the Association puts on for this event. Make sure to get your wristbands before the day of the egg hunt so your children don’t miss their time for their age group at the egg hunt. We invariably have a large number of residents who show up the day the event and it takes time to make sure they are CRCA homeowners. This event is sponsored by the Association and is only for residents. If you don’t have children maybe you could consider volunteering to help for a few hours. It is very rewarding to see all the happy and excited children enjoying themselves.

The splash pad contractor failed to have it up and running by the March 1st target – and failed again in not having it ready in time for spring break. We have been assured it will be ready for use by April 1st. The office has received numerous calls from young children wanting to know if it was open yet. Trust me when I say that the BOD is just as anxious as they are to get it open and running for the kids.

In the first two weeks of Windmill pool reopening there were 7 pool key suspensions for rule violations. This is not something any of us like to do but there are rules that need to be followed. These rules have been the culmination of years of collaboration of the various pool committees. There is a reason behind every rule and they are not just arbitrary decisions. Pima County has a law prohibiting children under 14 in a hot tub- children’s bodies cannot dissipate the heat in a hot tub like an adult. Showering is required before entering the pool to get rid of soaps on swim suits and bodies- soaps destroy the chemicals in the pool required for sanitation. The list goes on and on. Please follow the rules while at the pool- we do not like turning off pool keys but have no choice so everyone can enjoy the pools.

Have a happy Easter and enjoy the facilities CRCA has to offer.