President’s Message April 2014

I have asked myself for the last six years being President of the association- why do I put up with the attacks on the BOD for our actions, dealing with collections of delinquent accounts, overseeing the financials and how homeowners monies are spent, making sure that the reserve study is followed, selecting and overseeing contractors for the myriad of projects- both planned and unplanned- that are undertaken and a host of other issues and challenges faced as a BOD member. Making sure that ALL homeowners are treated equally with no one group receiving preferential treatment over another and making sure that we meet all of the conditions of the CC&R’s while not intruding on a homeowners right to live an enjoyable life here in CRCA. I take this task very seriously and have put a lot of time and effort into this association. WHY?

I guess the answer would be I really enjoy seeing the transformation that has taken place in CRCA. The Windmill office is welcoming to homeowners and it is nice to see visitors looking for their house on the wall map in the lobby. Seeing the interaction between homeowners and the staff of management is most always a good experience for both. Seeing the baseball diamond being used at night by the little league team is especially enjoyable to me- I think I enjoy it as much as the players are. Seeing the families using the picnic area under the armadas at Windmill Park and the kids playing ball and flying kites on the weekends makes all the work put into making the park what it is today all worthwhile. It is a definite asset to CRCA and is being used as it should be by homeowners. Seeing the large turnout for the food truck round up as well as the pool being used by families with the kids enjoying the facilities.

With that said I would like to remind you of the upcoming Easter Egg hunt at Windmill park on April 19th. This event has grown each year with the children having a great time and taking home their share of the eggs. If you have the time it would be great to have you volunteer to help with the Easter Egg hunt- it is a little bit of work but the rewards cannot be measured when you see the joy in the children.

One last thing- starting on April 3rd there will be a Farmers Market at the west end parking lot of Windmill Park from 9AM to 1PM. This will be every Thursday so we hope to see you there so it can continue and grow.

Have a safe and happy Easter and enjoy what CRCA has to offer each homeowner.