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President's Message June 2013

It is amazing how we all take things for granted and assume that important matters are taken care of. With the fire department doing yearly inspections and requiring us to do things like move a fire extinguisher by a few feet and straightening up a storage closet, I am surprised that they never informed us that there were no smoke detectors or a sprinkler system in the office. I watched a documentary on smoke detectors that covered both photo electric and ionization (the most common one in houses). The photo electric detect smoldering fires, which create smoke but little actual fire. Ionization are best for rapidly spreading fires where there are lots of flames, but little smoke. Most deaths related to fires are from smoke inhalation rather than people being “burned to death.” I decided to change the ones in my house to photoelectric and went to check on the type in our buildings. To my surprise we had none- nor was there a sprinkler system. I had Josh check into putting in a sprinkler system and found it would cost well in excess of $50,000 to put one in. Needless to say one would question why it was never put in during the remodels of both buildings years back. We will be installing photoelectric smoke alarms to start with and will be looking at a sprinkler system in the future.

Having lived here for 10 years now I have also taken for granted our “warm” weather. I traveled to Fort Collins Colorado in late March for a week to be greeted by 8 inches of snow and 30 degree temperatures. I came home and thawed out then spent a week in Kodiak Alaska and another week in Palmer Alaska in mid April doing some training classes for the Operating Engineers Union. The high temp in Kodiak was 41 and we never got out of the 30’s in Palmer- needless to say I was glad to return to my home and our wonderful weather. I guess I have become a “desert rat” and would not trade it.

There are lots of rumors being spread about this BOD that are nothing more than that. Let me remind you that your BOD members are also homeowners and receive no compensation for the time they spend on association business, other than the satisfaction of making CRCA the best it can be. We all take our position seriously and attempt to look out for the community as a whole and not just the vocal few.  The big picture is what counts. Our home values are affected by association actions like everyone else and we all have a vested interest in CRCA.  Some rumors claim that covenants are not being enforced, by directive of the Board.  This is a bit farfetched, especially when over 800 notices were sent out in two months this spring which is almost 25% of the number of residences here.

The last scheduled BOD meeting did not include a homeowner forum. Because of travel, job demands, medical issues, illness, and prior commitments amongst Board members, there has been no quorum for the BOD meetings since February. I did not add the forum to the agenda in May, because I was concerned that after several months of no meetings, there would be more business than usual needing attention. With the meetings exceeding two hours in a normal month it was decided to not have the forum until we get back to the norm of making quorum for our monthly meetings. This did not eliminate input from homeowners on any agenda items but limited the points of discussion just to business related items. The forum has not been eliminated forever, just postponed until the pending regular business gets completed.

We were hoping to have Windmill Park open for Memorial Day weekend but the leveling and preparation was more involved than anticipated and did not allow this to happen. Have a safe and enjoyable summer- the pools are in good shape so enjoy them.

President's Message May 2013

President’s Message

Peggy Bracken – 1st Vice President

With the hot weather approaching the pool sure seems to be busy! I think we have such beautiful pools here and it’s always terrific to see so many people enjoying them. Something we all need to be cognizant of is the pool rules. The pools are a great benefit and enjoyment to a lot of people, but abuse of the rules ruins that. Breaking these rules will now result in loss of pool privileges for a month and also a fine. In previous years our association has spent as much as $60,000 per year for pool monitors, which are essentially “babysitters for adults”. Hopefully with stronger penalties for breaking the rules, everyone will simply behave themselves and we can conserve our association funds. If you observe inappropriate behavior please report it to the office with the specific time and day of the occurrence so we can review the security tapes to see if any action is required. With that said, I hope this leads to a more enjoyable pool experience for everyone -- Cheers to a great summer ahead!

Recently there have been several false rumors spread about the current Board of Directors and association business. You may have read about this in the March Windmill Newsletter. This Board has worked extremely hard over the years to improve the atmosphere in Continental Ranch and has made great strides in an effort to improve the values within our community. There is currently a small number of individuals circulating false and misleading statements. How much does this cost the Association? Well, so far the Association has been forced to spend $4,000 of your money on defending the unfounded allegations of these individuals, who continue to spread false rumors to an otherwise peaceful community. Those of us who have lived in Continental Ranch remember when there were hundreds of unhappy homeowners attending Board meetings, now there are many who complement this Board for the work they do. The intent of this Board is to maintain the values of properties within this community and make it an enjoyable place to live. We feel we have accomplished this goal and done so without any increases to our association dues. The Board would like to thank all of you who have worked in making this community a great place to live at this moment and in the future.

Our landscape committee has worked very hard in making our community nice and colorful. The committee will be working in identifying what plants did not make it through the harsh freeze this past winter. The committee wanted to give ample time to see what plants would grow back before making their decision on replacements. The board would like to thank everyone for their patience while there are some missing plants in the area.

On Saturday April 20th the area enjoyed the first (of many to come) block party held at Windmill Park. Food trucks were located in the parking lot area, at the end of the football field along Coachline. The trucks are self-contained and do not cost the community anything to enjoy these events. I’m really looking forward to seeing these become a monthly community event! A reminder that HOA assessments are due May 1st, with a 15 day grace period to help folks get paid up. A late fee is applied after May 15th. We understand that some people have financial difficulties and so we try to make everyone aware that CRCA will accept a payment plan to help those people stay current. Please contact the office if you need to work out a payment plan, the management staff is happy to assist.


President's Message April 2013

Spring is finally here and things are starting to recover from our last frost. The landscape committee will be watching very closely to see if some of our plants did not survive the winter and will make sure that any replacements are more frost tolerant. The Texas Mountain Laurels and Tombstone (Lady Banks) roses are in bloom along Twin Peaks and are a pleasant distraction until the lantana and other plants recover from the winter.

The pool was very busy during spring break but along with being busy came a few issues. People without keys were being let into the pool by people inside and there were a few groups that felt they were above the rules for the pool. Please remind everyone in your family that there are rules to be followed while at the pool so everyone there can have a pleasant experience. Just a reminder that if the rules are not followed that your pool key can be turned off for 30 days and you could be fined $100 for an infraction. The pools are a great benefit and enjoyment to a lot of people but abuse of the rules ruins that. If you observe inappropriate behavior please report it to the office with the specific time and day of the occurrence so we can review the security tapes to see if any action is required.

The Easter Egg hunt was another success with over 500 kids this year, and I’d like to extend a job well done to Jocelyn and all the volunteers who participated in this annual event, especially the boy scouts. Something is being added to another annual event in CRCA. The annual yard sale will include the first (of hopefully many) Block Party Food Truck Roundup at Windmill Park (from 11AM to 3PM). Try to stop by after the yard sales to sample some of the eats being offered by these unique vendors. There will be a jumping castle in place for the little ones as well as lots of great food.


President's Message February 2013

Hopefully we have seen the last hard freeze for this winter- at least it wasn’t as bad as two years ago. Even then there were a number of plants and trees that were affected and will require some time to come back. The feather trees were really affected and the mesquites also- dropping a lot of their leaves due to the cold temperatures. The Swan Hill Olive and the Texas Mountain Laurels along Twin Peaks were not affected and neither were the Swan Hill Olives around Windmill Park- congratulations to the landscape committee for choosing them.

With all of the upgrades that have been done at Windmill Park we are seeing more residents using the park as well as organized teams from outside CRCA using the field. I can understand wanting to use the Windmill field with it being so green and well kept but Windmill Park is a private park for CRCA residents with the upkeep paid through our dues. If I had a choice between using the field at Windmill or the fields offered by the Town of Marana I would go to Windmill also, since we use winter grass for year-round green. The town charges $5 to $8 an hour to use their fields with the dead grass in the winter so Windmill is very tempting. CRCA requires that organized groups supply a certificate of insurance to the association because of liability issues for the association. If you have an organized group planning on using Windmill Park please go to the office so we can get the required documents in order. In the past, the BOD has required is that any team using the field have 75% CRCA residents on their team for them to not be charged a use fee. There are costs associated with maintaining Windmill field to the standards the landscape committee and BOD require and they are paid with our dues.

There is an ad in this newsletter for the Easter egg hunt for this year. Easter is earlier this year- the 30th of March- instead of April and Jocelyn has been busy getting things lined up for an even better event than last year’s. As is always the case we need volunteers to help support this well attended event. Please consider volunteering to help for a couple of hours. It provides an opportunity to meet your neighbors and see the children enjoying the activities- IT IS WELL WORTH THE TIME.

President's Message January 2013


The BOD was able to move forward with a number of projects called for in the Reserve study for CRCA this past meeting. The reserves that the association has accumulated over the years allows us to maintain items within the community that have a useful life span and require replacement or updating on a planned schedule. This keeps the properties owned by CRCA in great condition without having to raise assessments to do so. We were able to update the lighting at the Community Center pool and parking lot last year to energy efficient LED lighting with a savings in electrical usage of around 30%- we approved updating the lighting at the Windmill pool and office at the December meeting to the same type of LED fixtures and expect similar savings. The parking lot at the West end of Windmill Park was also on the list for replacement and will be pulverized and a new lift of asphalt laid with new striping to give it a much needed face lift. A new AC unit for the office, sealing the flat roof at the office, redoing the deteriorated electrical wiring at both pools for lighting, sealing the office parking lot and numerous other projects listed under the reserve study were all approved at the last BOD meeting.

I would like to welcome Karie Westpahl as the newest member to your BOD. She was appointed unanimously to replace Gladys Pope who resigned with one year left in her term. Karie will be a welcome addition to the BOD and as a young mother will bring another opinion to this BOD.

With the holidays behind us I would like to thank all who participated in the caroling at Windmill park and the holiday lighting contest. A lot of work was put into the lighting displays and appreciated by a large number of people. The homeowners living on Victory Court did one better- they placed luminaries all along Victory Court spaced about four feet apart and were observed walking up and down the street with their charcoal lighters relighting the tea lights the wind blew out. Great job and a great idea by those homeowners.

Our landscape contractor- DLC Resources- has closed their Tucson offices and will no longer be doing the maintenance of CRCA’s landscaping. The Landscape committee interviewed three firms and recommended Titan Landscaping which the BOD approved at the last meeting. The quality of our landscape maintenance should not suffer as Titan was formed by employees of the DLC Tucson office and we will have the same crew and manager that were DLC employees here in CRCA. There should be no “learning curve” as these people are already aware of the nuances with our irrigation and landscape needs. As a side note- the Windmill Park grass has never looked better.

Have a safe 2013 and we hope to see you at one of our committee or BOD meetings. This association is only as successful as the people involved in decision making.